David Greenberger and A Strong Dog - Tang Museum

Sunday, March 9, 2014 - 14:00
815 North Broadway Saratoga Springs

Greenwich, New York artist David Greenberger explores the individuality, integrity and humanity of the elderly. For over thirty years Greenberger has combined fragments of their conversations with music created in collaboration with a variety of celebrated musicians, to transform the “rich language of personal poetics” into short sound pieces that give listeners a window into the minds of older people. Instead of focusing on who they were, Greenberger’s conversations, and the resultant compositions, tease out who his subjects are now.

One Upon transforms the Tang’s mezzanine into an intimate theater space where one audience member at a time listens to a two-minute live performance by David Greenberger and his band, A Strong Dog.

Phone: 518 580-8080

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